- reliable installation

and operation


Steeltank performs project planning and delivers industrial handling systems for fish, mink feed, disposal and biogas systems, among others.

The systems are made of stainless steel and are delivered and installed by experienced technicians.

The primary products can be listed as follows:

  • Special silo tanks and hoppers with auger discharges. Uses of the silos include industrial fishery, slaughterhouse and disposal waste, with the product being tipped from a truck down into the silo.
  • ​Specially developed pump systems for delivering product for processing at the factory.
  • ​All forms of worm conveyers.
  • ​Specially designed box weighers for industrial fish with a capacity of up to 250 tons per hour.
  • ​Buffer silos with delivery systems for road tankers and with capacities ranging from 50-200 mᶾ, for mink feed and other feedstuffs.


SteelTank A/S

CVR: ​15039000


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